Mark Clark

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Mark Clark is an Aussie songwriter, scriptwriter, voice over, author and drama coach. He was Pip in the ABC's version of Ethel Turner's Seven Little Australians.


It is a broken thing

this world without you

A splintered, broken thing

rusty and thin.

A fitful slumber, crazy and wild

Wounded and charging in angry solitude,

Shaking the rotten globe,

Straining in constraint,

Caged in blood and bone,

Dissatisfied; eager; impatient,

Stamping its childish feet for attention

And finding


It is an empty thing

this world without you

Full of an emptiness

raging within.

A crag of crumbling rocks

And ominous, furious, coiling clouds;

Numb and jumperless

This broken toothed hour


Clawing, cramplike, pain in soul

without my drug

my need.

Dead images crawl and are badly seen

in this world without


And in this anger, these angers, this love

still lives

To leave me, without you

And when, without you

leaves me totally without



Date written: Late 1981 or early 1982