Mark Clark

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Mark Clark is an Aussie songwriter, scriptwriter, voice over, author and drama coach. He was Pip in the ABC's version of Ethel Turner's Seven Little Australians.

The Man Without a Friend

There was a house upon a hill

Above a bay, beneath the sky

Within which lived a man who cried

Because he had no friends.


He'd tap his stick upon the floor

Within his barren corridor

And there, upon his rocking chair,

He'd lose his hair.


Beyond the trees, alive in day,

The restless beauty of the bay

Was evident to all but him

This lonely man without a friend.


And seldom did he move outside

Too often would his thoughts collide

And leave him misty on the street

Where all the living humans meet.

His happiness was all behind

Instead, he sat inside and cried.


And none would enter through that door.

The telephone upon the floor

Had ceased top ring two years before

When Emily had died.

And so he cried and cried and cried

Until his feeble body dried

And then he died

Within the house upon the hill

Above the bay, beneath the sky.


A note was found upon his chest

Which smelt of death

And read:


I have known the best

I have seen the rest

The best has left

What is left

Is the rest.

Poor poetry on which to end

Sad, lonely man without a friend.

Late 1984


Date written: Late 1984