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Mark Clark is an Aussie songwriter, scriptwriter, voice over, author and drama coach. He was Pip in the ABC's version of Ethel Turner's Seven Little Australians.

Plays and Musical Comedies

CAPTAIN CHOOK: Right. Well, steer a course for straight ahead. I'm going to retire below for twenty winks.
NAVIGATOR: Shouldn't that be forty winks, sir?
CAPTAIN CHOOK: I've only got one good eye, boy.


Are you tired of paying thousands of dollars for plays that have been done thousands of times? Plays that you can’t alter in any way? Lots of red tape and copyright restrictions?

Well, I’ve been teaching Drama and English in N.S.W. government schools for thirty five years. I’ve put on all but one of these shows. There are eight musical comedies, a one act play and a stage adaptation available, all of which are written specifically for high school casts of 20 to 30+ students. Most call upon a dance team as well so you should get plenty of bums on seats.

Each is packaged as an on-line download. Each has: synopsis; cast list; script and song lyrics and author’s notes (about any pitfalls we had during performance) and several have piano vocal scores and one has full individual instrument scores. If you prefer to use backing through a P.A., rather than a live band, every play has full musical backing, as well as the final version of each song with main vocals, so the students can learn them. They can even mime if they can’t sing a note. Not all cast members have to sing though.

These plays are funny and satirical. In places you may think they require a little censoring, depending upon your audience and we have no trouble with that.

Several of these plays have been very popular in Australia and New Zealand and I have received nine awards for songs coming from them. 

Your school can put on one of these plays for just $499 for as many shows as you like (in one run) and 10% of the door for each performance.

Schools and amateur societies who have already performed our plays include...

Clare High School, SA
St Helens District High School, TAS
Ashwood College, VIC
Geilston Bay High School, TAS
MacKillop College, VIC
Theatre Eight, WA
Apollo Bay Amateur Group, VIC
Caulfield North PS, VIC
Deloraine Dramatic Society Inc, TAS
Heathmont East Primary School, VIC
Lynwood Senior High School, WA

Mirboo North Secondary College, VIC
Mount Gambier Theatre Group Inc, SA
Padbury Senior High School, WA
Sacred Heart College, VIC
St James College, TAS
St Joseph's Bendigo, VIC
The Hutchins School, TAS
The Knox School, VIC
Timboon P-12 School, VIC
Western Heights High School, NZ
Windsor High School, NSW

Award winning music from our plays

From Ponsemby's Castle - First Prize in South Pacific Song Contest (Novelty Category)

From The Gods' Show -  Award of Merit- ASA Song Contest (Wacky Trax Category)

From Dodge City - Top 10 Finalist- ASA Song Contest (Country Category)

From Pirates, Parrots and Penguins and The Land of Dreams  -  Top Ten Finalist - ASA Song Contest (Children's Category)

Featured Plays

Kind:   Musical   Genre:   Comedy   Rating:   G   Cast size  : 25, plus penguins   Approximate runtime:   1 hr 30 mins

Kind: Musical
Genre: Comedy
Rating: G
Cast size: 25, plus penguins
Approximate runtime: 1 hr 30 mins

Pirates, Parrots and Penguins

Captain Chook, his parrot, Bono and his penguin, Goldstein, are taking the Tasmanian Princess home. Love is in the air but Captain Cambridge tries to spoil the party.


Kind:   One-act stage play   Genre:   Comedy   Rating:   PG   Cast size  : 23 (or 10 with doubling)   Approximate runtime:   35 mins

Kind: One-act stage play
Genre: Comedy
Rating: PG
Cast size: 23 (or 10 with doubling)
Approximate runtime: 35 mins

Stooge: The Anti-Scrooge

This is a comedic reversal of ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens. Stooge is an employer blind to what was, is and will be going on behind his back until the ghosts show him. Gradually, he turns from an affable, gullible, happy man into a cynic who sacks the lot of ‘em.

Kind:   Musical   Genre:   Western   Rating:   G   Cast size  : 20   Approximate runtime:   2 hrs

Kind: Musical
Genre: Western
Rating: G
Cast size: 20
Approximate runtime: 2 hrs

Dodge City

Dodge City Kansas – 1879. Wyatt Earp is long gone and the new sheriff has a drinking problem. Gunslinger, Jimmy Hackett, is terrorising the town; Sally is in love with Daniel; he is in love with Virginia and she is not interested in men from the South.

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