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Mark Clark is an Aussie songwriter, scriptwriter, voice over, author and drama coach. He was Pip in the ABC's version of Ethel Turner's Seven Little Australians.

Royalty Free Background Music: Volume One

1Royalty Free Background Music.png
1Royalty Free Background Music.png

Royalty Free Background Music: Volume One


This is a selection of free, downloadable background music from my musical comedies. The music in this section is royalty free and can be used anywhere (YouTube videos, home videos, whatever) at no cost. Unless it's in a feature film or something, we don't care! (Contact me if you'd like to use the pieces commercially).

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Track List

  1. Acoustic
  2. Advertisement
  3. Arpeggio
  4. Bass and Guitar
  5. Catchy Guitar and Bass
  6. Catchy Piano
  7. Catchy Soothing Guitar Melody
  8. Catchy Synth and Guitar
  9. Complicated Melody
  10. Fight
  11. Guitar
  12. Hard Rock
  13. Hard
  14. Harmonics
  15. Idle
  16. Jazzy
  17. Layered Synth
  18. Layered
  19. Montage 2
  20. Montage
  21. Nostalgia
  22. Ponsemby 2
  23. Ponsemby 3
  24. Ponsemby
  25. Relaxing Guitar
  26. Relaxing Melody
  27. Rock 2
  28. Rock
  29. Romantic
  30. Sailor Theme
  31. Soft Piano and Cello
  32. Soothing Hard Rock
  33. Soothing Melodic Ambience
  34. Synth
  35. Whimsical 2
  36. Whimsical 3
  37. Whimsical Jazz
  38. Whimsical with Interlude
  39. Whimsical


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