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Mark Clark is an Aussie songwriter, scriptwriter, voice over, author and drama coach. He was Pip in the ABC's version of Ethel Turner's Seven Little Australians.

I Am Not an Animal, I Am a Songwriter

An eclectic collection of some of my original songs, mainly from the 1990s and early 2000s.

Free Tracks

Track List

  1. Time Must Flow
  2. I Ain't Missin' You At All
  3. Two Lovers Caught in the Rain
  4. The Simple Things
  5. All These Lives
  6. Australia is Burning
  7. Babe, You Lied
  8. Bird to the Air
  9. Good Morning, Who Are You?
  10. He's Two Years Old Today
  11. Hoople the Frood
  12. I Never Thought I'd See You Again
  13. I Want
  14. If This is Freedom, Let This Freedom End
  15. Mending Fences
  16. Memory
  17. My Old Lady
  18. Old Full Moon
  19. Sagittarius to Gemini
  20. Sorrow is the Ocean's Saddest Song
  21. Sweet Jo-Anne
  22. Take It or Leave It
  23. Why Do You Call
  24. This Number

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