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Mark Clark is an Aussie songwriter, scriptwriter, voice over, author and drama coach. He was Pip in the ABC's version of Ethel Turner's Seven Little Australians.

How it all works

Each play is packaged as an on-line download. Each has: synopsis; cast list; script and song lyrics and author’s notes (about any pitfalls we had during performance) and several have piano vocal scores and one has full individual instrument scores. If you prefer to use backing through a P.A., rather than a live band, every play has full musical backing, as well as the final version of each song with main vocals, so the students can learn them. They can even mime if they can’t sing a note. Not all cast members have to sing though.

These plays are funny and satirical. In places you may think they require a little censoring, depending upon your audience and we have no trouble with that. All scripts arrive in the .doc format to facilitate this.

Your school can put on one of these plays for just $499 for as many shows as you like (in one run) and 10% of the door for each performance.

About royalties

30 days after your final performance, you will need to pay Lamplight Productions 10% of your total door-takings for all performances. Merely follow the instructions in your download within 30 days of your final performance to tell us:

  1. Your admission fees.
  2. The total attendance for all of your shows.

24 hours after this information has been received, you will be sent an invoice for the required amount using PayPal, the world's most trusted payment processor. This can be easily paid using any major credit card.


  1. Your download link will expire 24 hours after purchase. As you cannot download a play onto a phone or a tablet because they do not have the ability to extract zip files, please ensure that you make your purchase using a desktop computer.
  2. You can easily view your play on a phone or tablet after you have downloaded your zip file.
  3. Your play will be downloaded as a zip file which compresses the files inside, resulting in much faster downloads. For instructions on how to open a zip file, please refer to the instructions below.
  4. None of our plays exceed 300MB in download size.

Open a Zip file (Windows)

Using Windows 7/8:

1. Right-click the zip file.

2. Click 'Extract All' in the resulting dropdown menu.

3. Click the 'Extract' button in the resulting dialog box.

4. The folder containing your play's files will appear in the same folder as the zip.


Open a Zip file (Mac)

1. Double-click the zip file.

2. The folder containing your play's files will appear in the same folder as the zip.


If you are having trouble with any of our products, or if you would like to ask a question, do not hesitate to contact us: