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Mark Clark is an Aussie songwriter, scriptwriter, voice over, author and drama coach. He was Pip in the ABC's version of Ethel Turner's Seven Little Australians.

Friday the 13th 

A peal of thunder

A sprinkle of rain

Which runs into big blobs of thick heavy rain

Which turn into hailstones

That jump up and down

And frolic about on the green sod ground.


First rain to hail

Now hail to rain

Now thunderclouds

To hail again.


You wicked sky

You punish us so

You bring us hail but never snow.


The ground must be hot

For the hail jumps around

As if Dante's inferno were under the ground.


The motorbike sits

In its squat little way

An eight sixty Ducati- all wet from the rain.


The peg bucket shivers

All yellow and cold

All full of the deluge this afternoon holds.

Two towels on a line

And a sprinkling of pegs

(These pegs are all grieving their poor drown e d friends).

Two pegs are unlucky

And must each bear a towel.

One says to the other:

'Who ever heard of a big towel

And only one peg?'

'Especially a wet towel,'

The other one says.


Now the calming of sky

Now the ceasing of rain

Now the glum frogg y tone

Of a cowardly plane.



Poor washing machine

You're all humble and wet

You're outside because you're all rotten and dead

Dark clouds linger on

And won't let you forget.


Our bent barbeque

Our tall, noble gum

All bathed in a shower of afternoon sun.


Soft rain? And the sun?

So I walk from my house

And turn to the east

To a rainbow and clouds.


I have just seen a friend

She has filled me with love.

In this early spring evening

There's a rainbow above.


But still, 'tis not still

In this wet heavy sky

There is thunder about

And the heavens must cry.


Date written: 13.9.85