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Mark Clark is an Aussie songwriter, scriptwriter, voice over, author and drama coach. He was Pip in the ABC's version of Ethel Turner's Seven Little Australians.

40 Years Gone

These songs were written between 1978 and 1990. I had basic recordings of most of them but I decided to record them with full instrumentation in mid-2018. This is an eclectic mixture of styles ranging from country to ballad to rock.

Free Tracks


Download the lyrics for this album here.

Track List

  1. A Stitch in the Tapestry

  2. The Final Debt

  3. Burns the Flame

  4. Once Around the Moon

  5. Symphony in Grey

  6. Suzanne With Brass

  7. There Was You

  8. Another Song for You

  9. I'd Be With You

  10. Is It Any Wonder

  11. How Much Do I Love You

  12. By Fools for Fools

  13. Our Calendar

  14. She Turns Her Eyes Away

  15. Winter's Day

  16. The Morning Sunshine

  17. All of the Truths of All of Your Lives

  18. It Is Us She Burns

  19. Satori

  20. The Magic Kingdom

  21. Cinderella's Bedtime Story

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